• What Is Professional Carpet Cleaning and How It Works – Answers to a Few Important Questions that You May Have

    13 Nov 2018 | Blog | seby80

  • If you have heard of carpet cleaning services, but you have been thinking about hiring one only lately and you don’t know exactly what is professional carpet cleaning, here is a short outline of the how it works and a few words about the most efficient and safest cleaning technologies available through them.

    What Carpet Cleaning Services Do

    Carpet cleaning professionals, Carpet Cleaning Genie included, clean the carpets owned by residential or corporate clients, usually in the client’s home or offices. Carpet cleaning companies use their own equipment and their own cleaning materials to restore the cleanliness and the attractive appearance of the client’s carpets.

    The Most Common Technologies Used for Professional Carpet Cleaning

    There are many different technologies available for carpet cleaning, such as bonnet cleaning, encapsulation or dry cleaning, but the two most common, most popular, safest and best methods are steam cleaning and hot water extraction. The two terms are often used interchangeably, but while steaming uses water in gas form to dislodge dirt and to sanitize the carpet, hot water cleaning uses water that is heated to a high temperature, but still in liquid form to achieve cleanliness.

    Both processes require a certain amount of preparation. Whatever cleaning technique you go for – whether it is one of the above mentioned methods or other –, the cleaning team’s job is to clean your carpets, which means that their services do not include moving furniture, so you will be required to prepare the carpet to be cleaned by removing any objects that might stand in the way of the cleaning machine, such as furniture and decorations. The first thing that your cleaning team will do is to inspect the carpet to locate stubborn stains and to remove them with the help of a suitable carpet stain removal technique. When the stains are taken care of, the team will switch to their carpet steamer or hot water extraction machine and will clean the entire surface of the carpet to make sure that it is uniformly clean all over.

    Both steaming and hot water extraction leaves the carpets a little damp, so you should wait for at least 4-6 hours, maybe longer, for the carpet to dry completely after the cleaning team has finished work.

    The Materials Used

    There are lots of different cleaning substances used in professional carpet cleaning. What makes steam cleaning and hot water extraction stand out is the small quantity of cleaning chemicals necessary for the process and the possibility to use substances that are efficient on dirt and contaminants, but are otherwise harmless and non-toxic, suitable for people who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues, such as asthma. Many professional carpet cleaners use green substances for the cleaning, thus minimizing the impact that their operations have on the environment.

    If you are looking for even more information about what is professional carpet cleaning, you can contact the cleaning services around you to ask about the machines, cleaning substances and schedules they work with.