• Professional Carpet Cleaning – Is It Worth It?

    13 Nov 2018 | Blog | seby80

  • Many people looking desperately at their worn-looking carpets and fearing the moment when they need to spend thousands on replacing the old floor covers put their trust in carpet cleaning services, but not without finding out the answer to the question “professional carpet cleaning – is it worth it?” If you are in the same situation, here are a few details about what to expect of professional cleaning in terms of enhanced appearance and costs.

    How It Works

    Most carpet cleaning professionals, Carpet Cleaning Genie included, work in the client’s home and they use their own carpet cleaning machines and cleaning substances. Most cleaning services offer various products and some even work with multiple technologies to provide their clients the best solution. The most common methods are hot water extraction and dry cleaning – the first technology uses steam combined with detergent that is pushed into the carpet, then extracted with powerful vacuum, while the second uses dry compounds and very little moisture to remove dirt. Hot water extraction is generally considered to be more efficient and safer for the environment as well as for those who use the carpet, but the carpets are left slightly damp after the cleaning and require a few hours to dry completely, while dry cleaning is faster, but the process uses harsh chemicals that might not be very tolerated by people suffering from asthma or from allergies.

    To get your carpets cleaned by professionals, you first of all need to schedule a cleaning session with the cleaning company and then you need to prepare the carpet for the cleaning by emptying the room as much as you can – cleaning services are usually limited to the actual cleaning process, the technicians do not move heavy furniture.

    Your cleaning team will bring everything they need for the process. You will need to show them the stains that need special attention because the first step in professional cleaning is stain removal. If you know what caused the stain, tell the cleaning team – it is important information that will allow the technicians to choose the most suitable stain removal method.

    When the stains are taken care of, the team will clean the entire carpet with the method you have chosen. When the cleaning is complete, the team will leave, but if you have chosen hot water extraction or steam cleaning, you might need to wait for another 4-6 hours for the carpet to dry completely before you can step on it again.

    The Costs of Professional Carpet Cleaning

    The price that you will have to pay for professional carpet cleaning depends on the size of the carpets, the technology chosen, the type of the carpet and the intensity of the cleaning, but the rates are affordable even in the case of very large and very sensitive carpets, especially if you compare the price to the amount you would have to pay for replacing your carpets.

    To sum up our answer to the question “professional carpet cleaning – is it worth it?”, yes, hiring carpet cleaning professionals is definitely worth your time and money, especially if your carpets are not torn or cracked and if their loops or fibers are still of the same length.