• How to Do Carpet Cleaning Yourself? – Step-by-Step Instructions

    13 Nov 2018 | Blog | seby80

  • The cleaning of your home cannot be complete without cleaning your carpets, too – if you are looking for the best way to handle the cleaning of the rugs and carpets, here are a few tips for you about how to do carpet cleaning yourself.

    Preparing the Room and the Carpet

    To be able to give your carpet a thorough cleaning, you need to remove everything from the surface of the carpet, including toys, furnishing items, vases and other decorations. When you have access to the entire surface of the carpet, continue with a thorough vacuuming to pick up any movable debris, such as dried mud, dust, lint and animal hair – without this phase, you risk driving dirt into the deeper layers of the carpet and setting it in permanently. Pay attention to run your vacuum horizontally as well as vertically, that way you will move the fibers of the carpet and you can remove more dirt.

    The Cleaning Process

    Take a close look at your carpet to identify stains that need special attention. Choose a suitable carpet stain remover for getting rid of these unsightly stains – try to avoid the products that contain very harsh chemicals because they emanate toxic fumes that are bad for your health and the residues they leave behind on the carpet can also be harmful and look for green or enzyme-based product for safe and efficient cleaning.

    To remove the stains, dab the product gently into the stain, without scrubbing or rubbing it too vigorously, leave the cleaner on the stain for a while if it is required by the usage instructions, then rinse the treated area with a piece of clean cloth and water.

    After you have dealt with the stains, you can move on to shampooing the entire carpet with a suitable carpet shampoo. You can choose to do it manually, rubbing the foam of the shampoo into the carpet or you can rent a carpet shampooing machine. Start at the wall that is the furthest from the exit door and move towards the door systematically to avoid having to step on the damp carpet before it dries properly. If you have a yard that is suitable for cleaning your carpets outside, spread a large piece of foil on the ground, then place the carpet on the top and do the shampooing there.

    Wherever you choose to shampoo your carpet, make sure that you leave it to dry afterwards. If the carpet is left in the room, open the doors and the windows of the room to improve ventilation; if you do it all outdoors, hang the carpet somewhere until the next day to allow it to dry faster.


    If you find the process of DIY carpet cleaning too tedious, find a suitable carpet cleaning service in your area – most professional carpet cleaning services, Carpet Cleaning Genie included, provide fast and very efficient cleaning for your carpet and they use the best and safest methods and chemicals for the process.

    Final Thoughts

    With these tips about how to do carpet cleaning yourself, you will surely be able to restore the beauty and the cleanliness of your carpets – all you need is time, energy and determination.