• How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost – Factors that Influence the Cost

    13 Nov 2018 | Blog | seby80

  • Finding the answer to the question “how much does carpet cleaning cost” is essential for being able to identify the cleaning method that is the most suitable for your carpets, for your household and for your budget – here is a short outline of the most important factors that determine pricing.

    Pricing Type

    One of the factors that influence the price of professional carpet cleaning is the area unit used for the price calculations – some companies use square footage of the home as the base for the calculations, while others charge a per room rate, treating very large spaces with very large carpets as two rooms.

    Cleaning Method

    Some professional cleaning methods are more material- and labor-intensive than others. The most common cleaning methods include hot water extraction and dry cleaning.

    The first method is probably the most popular and the most widespread, offered by most excellent carpet cleaning professionals, Carpet Cleaning Genie included. The process starts with preparing the carpet for the actual cleaning process by applying a solution that dissolves dirt and grime and then continues with the spraying of clean hot water or hot water combined with special detergents onto the carpet, while simultaneously extracting the solution along with the debris dislodged during the spraying process.

    Dry cleaning uses dry compounds combined with very little moisture as a cleaning agent. The substance is spread evenly on the surface of the carpet, then it is rubbed or brushed into the fibers with the help of special machines, then the cleaning material that has absorbed the dirt from the carpet is extracted. The process is faster that hot water extraction and the carpets treated this way can be used right after the cleaning, but it is not recommended for carpets used by allergy sufferers and for carpets that are very sensitive and can get discolored easily.

    The Type of the Carpet

    Some carpet types are more sensitive and need more attention during the cleaning process than others and more work obviously means higher price as well. Carpets that are not very thick and are made from synthetic fibers and Berber-type carpets, which have loops, rather than long fibers are the easiest and the cheapest to clean, while the carpets made from wool and cotton, the carpets that are very thick and can conceal lots of dirt are more complicated to clean, therefore the process is more expensive.

    Extra Stain Removal

    If the cleaning process needs to include special stain removal as well, you should expect to pay extra for the extra work. The amount added to the cleaning price depends on the type and the size of the stain – pet stains usually get soaked down to the deepest layer of the carpet and are more expensive to remove, while the stains caused by spilled food or liquids are usually easier and cheaper to get out.

    Available Discounts

    Another factor that determines the answer to the question “how much does carpet cleaning cost?” is the availability of discounts and promotions – many carpet cleaning companies offer discounts to returning customers, to clients who have multiple rooms to clean and to people who want upholstery cleaning as well, so do check for available discounts while looking for the right carpet cleaner.