• How Long after Carpet Cleaning to Dry – What You Can Expect of the Different Cleaning Methods

    13 Nov 2018 | Blog | seby80

  • There are many aspects to consider when picking the most suitable carpet cleaning method, the answer to the question “how long after carpet cleaning to dry” being one of them. Most carpet cleaning methods use a certain amount of moisture, applied either in the form of foams, steam or liquid, to remove impurities from even the deepest layers of the carpet. However, manual cleaning, cleaning processes done with the help of steam cleaners used in homes and the professional methods used by professional cleaners are all different in terms of the time necessary for complete drying – here are a few details.

    Manual Cleaning and Drying Times

    If you decide to clean your carpets yourself, you can do it by applying carpet cleaning foam or by using a spray product or an enzyme-based detergent. Carpet cleaning products are either applied on stains or used for cleaning the entire carpet, with drying times obviously determined by the size of the treated area and the amount of moisture applied. If you clean only a stain, you will need to wait only for a couple of hours for the damp patch to dry, but if you clean the entire carpet, the drying process might take at least one day. If you choose DIY manual cleaning as your preferred method, it is probably a good idea to move the carpet outside for the cleaning as well as for the drying.

    Using a Steam Cleaner at Home

    You can choose to rent a steam cleaner to restore the cleanliness of your carpets or you can use your own steam cleaner as well. The process involves pushing steam through the carpet, so you should expect your carpets to get quite damp and you need to allow them up to a day to dry.

    Professional Methods and Drying Times

    There are lots of different professional cleaning methods used by cleaning services, the two most common procedures being hot water extraction, known as steam cleaning and dry cleaning.

    Dry carpet cleaning technologies, as the name suggests, use dry compounds to penetrate the deepest layers of the carpet and to remove any dirt, so the process requires no drying time.

    Hot water extraction is another very efficient technology, used by an increasing number of carpet cleaning professionals, Carpet Cleaning Genie included. The method uses pressurized hot water that is pushed through the carpet to remove dirt and the application of special detergents to get rid of stubborn stains, followed by though rinsing and the elimination of the remaining moisture. All phases of the process use liquids or steam that is extracted with the help of powerful vacuums at the end, but even so, the cleaning process needs to be followed by a drying period that can last for around 4-6 hours. To allow the clean carpets to dry completely, most carpet cleaning services recommend customers to get their carpets cleaned in the afternoon and then leave the carpets to dry overnight, that way they can be sure that the carpets are in perfect shape and ready to use by the following morning.

    To sum up the answer to the question “how long after carpet cleaning to dry”, the carpets cleaned with manual processes take the longest to dry, while the professional methods that use powerful machines and advanced technologies are the most time-efficient.