• Carpet Cleaning vs. New Carpet – Aspects to Consider before Making the Decision

    13 Nov 2018 | Blog | seby80

  • The decision between carpet cleaning vs. new carpet is usually more difficult than it seems at first glance – while you might think that a new carpet is always worth it, there are lots of other factors to consider if you are to make an informed choice. Here are some of the most important aspects to bear in mind before you decide to head for the nearest carpet store or to call a cleaning service.


    The price of a new carpet varies between a few hundred dollars and thousands of dollars, depending on the size, the material, the manufacturing methods, the pattern, the cost and the quality of the underpadding and other, quality-related factors.

    The fees charged for cleaning your carpets also depends on lots factors, such as their size, the intensity and the method of cleaning, but even the most expensive carpet cleaner services are affordable, compared to the price of a new piece.

    Dirt and Old Stains

    If your carpet appears to be worn, with the colors looking faded and the fibers looking shorter and lumpy, it does not necessarily mean that the carpet is too old to use or damaged beyond repair. The unattractive appearance might be caused by improper carpet care, cleaning done with unsuitable substances that have left behind soapy residues or by generalized dirt, but all these effects can be easily reversed with the help of the professional tools and technologies used by professional carpet cleaners. The unsightly stains caused by stepping on the carpets with dirty shoes, by spills or by pets are no death sentence for your carpets either – most of the oldest and most stubborn stains can be removed with the right technologies, restoring your carpet to its beauty.

    When Replacement Is Inevitable

    There are, however, types of damage that cannot be solved by professional cleaning. If your carpet has suffered flood damage, if it is severely affected by mold, if it has been stained with hazardous materials, you will need to get rid of the item and get a new one. Professional carpet cleaning methods cannot restore carpets that have patches where the fibers are shorter or missing or that have damaged padding, so these cases also call for carpet replacement. Structural damage, such as cracks or folds that appear because the carpet has been stored improperly for a long time will stay after cleaning as well, so there might not be too much to do about them, other than replacement.

    Final Thoughts

    Many carpets that don’t look their very best can be easily restored to their initial state of beauty and cleanliness with the methods used by professional cleaning services, Carpet Cleaning Genie included. If your carpets are not affected by the factors that make replacement the only available solution, the easiest way to choose the winner in the carpet cleaning vs. new carpet debate is to get the carpet cleaned by a professional team and to see what the carpet looks like afterwards – carpet experts can work wonders even on the oldest rugs.