• Carpet Cleaning Professional vs. Doing Yourself – Aspects to Consider Before Picking Your Method

    13 Nov 2018 | Blog | seby80

  • Whether your carpet is nylon, polyester, wool or olefin, whether the fibers are long or short, it will get dirty sooner or later, requiring you to weigh the pros and cons of hiring a carpet cleaning professional vs. doing yourself all the work. If this is an issue that comes up regularly in your household, too, here are some aspects to consider before starting to search for the right carpet cleaner or before heading to the nearby store for carpet cleaning chemicals.

    The Time and the Energy Needed to Do the Job

    DIY carpet cleaning is among the most labor-intensive activities of all cleaning work. To be able to get the cleanliness that you want, you will need to vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove any loose dust, dirt, lint and dander, then you will have to treat it with a suitable carpet cleaner foam or liquid that needs to be rubbed into the carpet to remove dirt and contaminants from the deeper layers of the carpet, then you will have to wait for the carpet to dry, at least for a day, before you can step on it again. The time required for the process will not be shorter if you use a conventional steam cleaning machine either – running a steam cleaner on the carpet will eliminate all the backbreaking rubbing from the process, but you cannot skip the initial vacuuming and the waiting.

    If you choose to get your carpet cleaned by professionals, on the other hand, all you will have to do is to make the phone call or to fill in the online form to schedule the pick-up time – the carpet cleaning service of choice will pick up your carpet, they will clean it and they will return it to you when it is not only clean, but perfectly dry and ready to be used, too.

    The Results

    Professional carpet cleaning companies like Carpet Cleaning Genie use advanced technologies to remove not only the most stubborn stains that would not surrender to any manual scrubbing, but contaminants as well, such as dust mites and pollen, that are invisible, but can cause serious health problems. The methods used by professionals clean the carpets down to the deepest layers, ensuring germ-free cleanliness.


    Many carpet cleaning chemicals available for home use contain harsh ingredients that can harm not only the fibers of your carpet, but your health as well. Carpet cleaning products can cause dizziness, nausea, they can irritate the skin, the throat, the eyes and the lungs and they are not recommended to be used in the households where there are people suffering from asthma, from allergies or from other respiratory conditions.

    While some of the conventional carpet cleaning technologies used by professional services also use harsh chemicals, many companies nowadays offer cleaning with ecologic cleaning materials that are safe even for allergy sufferers and allergic people or they use technologies that don’t even require the usage of chemicals, so in the carpet cleaning professional vs. doing yourself debate, professional cleaning is superior in this respect as well.