• Can Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Stains? – the Best Way to Get Rid of Accident Scenes

    13 Nov 2018 | Blog | seby80

  • Cleaning the stains caused by pets is a nuisance for anyone who loves to keep their animal friends in the house, many of these owners looking for the best way to have a clean home and pets indoors and for the answer to the question “can carpet cleaning remove pet stains?” The good news is that pet stains can be eliminated without a trace, provided that the issue is addressed with a suitable cleaning method – here are some more details.

    Types of Pet Stains and In-Home Removal Methods

    When we hear the term “pet stain”, we automatically think of urine stains, but there are a few other types of stains that our animal friends can leave behind, each type of stain requiring a different approach:

    • Urine – the sooner you find the stain, the easier to remove it. Use paper towels to soak up as much of the liquid as possible, then pour a generous amount of baking soda on the wet patch to soak up even more moisture and to neutralize the smell. When the mound of baking soda looks wet, remove it, wait until the area dries and vacuum the carpet as you usually do;
    • Poop – remove the poop without digging too deep into the pile to avoid driving the excrement into the deeper layers of the carpet. Use a carpet stain remover or a cleaning product designed specially to remove pet stains to get out the residues;
    • Vomit – scrape up and blot as much of the vomit as you can, the same way as in the case of poop, then pour some sand on the patch to soak up more moisture. When the sand has done its job, remove it with a broom, then wait until the patch is completely dry and vacuum it. You will probably still have a stain on your carpet – try to get rid of it with the help of a carpet stain remover or applying a mix of one part vinegar and one part cold water.

    Turning to Professionals

    Pet stains are quite common on carpets, therefore most carpet cleaning professionals, Carpet Cleaning Genie included, offer special services to make sure that you and your carpets can forget all about the accident. The safe and efficient technologies developed for pet stains use cleaning chemicals that get the stains out without being harmful for humans, for pets and for the environment and they also remove any kind of smell from your carpet.

    Professional carpet cleaning also makes sure that the entire carpet is clean and uniform. Manual carpet cleaning aimed at removing a stain usually makes the cleaned area stand out with brighter colors, so the best way to restore the beauty and cleanliness of your carpet is to have it entirely cleaned and the best way to achieve that complete cleanliness is by hiring professionals to do it for you.

    To answer the initial question, “can carpet cleaning remove pet stains?”, yes, pet stains, whatever the type of the accident that has caused them, can be completely removed with the help of the right carpet cleaning method, the most efficient and easiest of them all being professional cleaning.