• Are Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Dangerous? – Details for a Complex Answer

    13 Nov 2018 | Blog | seby80

  • We hear a lot about the risks of using harsh chemicals in our homes, so one of the most common questions that come up in relation to carpet cleaning methods using cleaning foams and liquids is this: are carpet cleaning chemicals dangerous? While some of the products available in stores use very strong and the harsh, aggressive ingredients that give these products their cleaning power and that can certainly affect the health of the members of your household, kids, adults and pets alike, other cleaning substances and methods are perfectly safe – here is a quick outline of the most common chemicals and techniques used for keeping carpets clean.

    Toxic Substances to Avoid

    If you have experimented with different carpet cleaners, you have surely noticed that some of the most efficient cleaners available for home cleaning have a really pungent smell, they can irritate your skin, your eyes, your throat, some of them even discolor or ruin rubber gloves in a few minutes. Unfortunately, the chemicals that give these products their efficiency are exactly the ones that are bad for your health – here are the ingredients to avoid when you buy a carpet cleaner:

    • Perchloroethylene – the substance is frequently used in dry cleaning, but when used in the home, it can cause dizziness, fatigue and nausea and long-term exposure (uncommon in homes) can have negative effects on the liver and the kidneys as well;
    • Naphthalene – this solvent used for dissolving even the most stubborn dirt is made from coal tar and it is potentially dangerous for the central nervous system.

    Safe and Healthy Alternatives at Home

    Fortunately, you don’t need to use toxic chemicals on your carpets to achieve perfect cleanliness – here are some safe alternatives that are just as efficient:

    • Go for the classics – soda bicarbonate, vinegar and lemon juice are making a come-back in home cleaning in general and more and more people use them to clean their carpets as well;
    • Green cleaning products – there are lots of environment-friendly, green cleaning products available for carpets. Most of them are 100% plant based and completely safe for all the members of your household.

    Safe and Healthy Services Offered by Professional Cleaners

    You can also turn to a professional carpet cleaner company that uses efficient and completely safe methods for removing stains and dirt from your rugs and carpets. Many of them use oxygenation, the process of using oxygenated water bubbles and electric currents to ensure perfect cleanliness, while others use chemicals that are safe for health, efficient on carpet stains and don’t leave behind toxic or harsh-smelling residues. If you are looking for safe cleaning methods provided by knowledgeable and experienced carpet cleaning professionals, Carpet Cleaning Genie is among your best choices – if they handle your carpet, you can be sure that the great smell of your cleaned carpets will come from safe substances and that the deepest layers of your carpets will be just as clean as the surface.

    The honest answers to the initial question – are carpet cleaning chemicals dangerous? – is this: some can be, but you have so many safe, efficient and healthy alternatives that you can easily avoid them.